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PROVAB TECHNOSOFT(), a leading GTA XML integration (Gullivers Travel) company, develops online reservation systems for global clients.

Gullivers Travel –

GTA Travel XML

GTA Travel (Gullivers Travel) XML API enables Online Travel Companies and Travel Suppliers access to GTA’s vast travel content via GTA Travel XML interface for integration into their travel reservation system or travel website, without connecting any of Gullivers Travel booking websites.

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postheadericon Experience A Royalty And Majestic Stay With Rajasthan Holiday Packages

If cash is not an issue for you and you are ready to part with some of your cash to enjoy a magnificent vacation, then reservation the Rajasthan offers is the best idea! From the beginning of you elegant journey to the end, you will simply be impressed by each and every specialised and originality which Rajasthan has maintained to its very primary. From cups, artwork, statues, dishes, designs on the surfaces, everything symbolizes the best and you can see the best of all with your Rajasthan journey offers.

Grandeur Architecture

As you will get into the huge state of Rajasthan, you will immediately become aware of the magnificence and element of the place. Each and every area will indicate the impressive stories and bravery of the leaders and Maharajas who decided Rajasthan. Every chiselling, statue and structure which you view while experiencing your Rajasthan travel offers will talk amounts about the wonder, bravery, respect, dedication and brave quality of the citizens and the kings. Whether you get a glance of the spectacular castle, impassable havelis, mansions or typical monuments, all the structure just shines and contributes special appeal to the Rajasthan offers.

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postheadericon We Are Very Excited About Our Trip To Dubai The Arabian City With The Most Awesome Skyscrapers

For many years now I have been reading about how truly beautiful Dubai is. I really never thought I would ever go there seeing all the glamour, the sheer luxury and the unaffordable five-star (and even seven-star) range of Dubai hotels. But two months ago my boss came to me and told they had decided to open up a factory in Dubai, and he wanted me to go there for a month to help get things started.

My wife and I were pretty excited about these free Dubai holidays, fully paid-for by the company because my boss said that my wife could come and visit me anytime she wanted while I was there trying to secure a deal for our new business base in Dubai. My wife works from home, so she would easily be able to come and visit me for a couple of the weeks that I was going to be in Dubai and probably even longer. We are event talking about it as our second honeymoon, were really that excited about the whole thing.

I wanted to find a great place for us to stay at, so I went online and did a Google search for Dubai holidays and hotels to see what we could be in for. We had a limited budget that the company assigned to us but there was plenty of room in it for us to fiddle and get a good deal and still enjoy a couple of night stays at some of the most decadent and ridiculously expensive hotels. We figured that by me staying at one of the cheaper end hotels most of the time than when my wife came to visit me we could splurge in a spectacular five-star hotel for a day or two and enjoy fine gourmet dinners at some of the countrys most amazing fine dining restaurants.

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postheadericon Domains – The Pros And Cons.

The first websites using the dot-travel domain name went live back in October 2005 in a flurry of media announcements and hype. Since then the hype has subsided and there appears to be little evidence of a major take up of the new Dot.Travel domains.

The benefits of taking a new Dot.Travel domain are presented as;

– improved branding and connection with the travel and tourism industry.

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postheadericon Cheap Europe Travel Packages Tour Package Well Within Your Budget

Europe comes as the most favourite destination when it comes to vacation and sight seeing. The number of options available in Europe cannot be found at any other place. But traveling to this destination does not come at cheap price. However, things have certainly changed for good now, as there are various tour packages available. This allows a prospective traveler a greater degree of flexibility, as he/she can choose a particular tour package that comes well within the budget. Cheap Europe tour package is one such package, as it provides the best of Europe well within the budget.

Europe as a continent boasts of a number of places, which are considered among the Seven Wonders of the World. There are also numerous world heritage sites that provide a glimpse of the past of this culturally and traditionally rich continent. Naturally, this tour package is designed to provide the best of all to the interested traveler. Moreover, the package is known for its flexibility and fits in to everyones pocket.

Before going for any tour package, there are some factors which must be taken under consideration. For instance, you should keep an eye on your budget, the number of people in your group along wit h other essentials. If you are confused, then you can best use the online mode to get the best out of this tour package.

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