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Whether you have decided to write a free travel guide in order to share your traveling experience with the world or as a means to advertise your tourism agency’s services, the most important thing you have to know is how to promote it. While in the first case, the result of a good marketing campaign is the writer’s satisfaction, the latter situation is closely related to the respective company’s commercial success. Here are a few tips that will help you find the right way to promote your free travel guide:

1. Make use of social media networks in order to spread the word

Social media marketing is one of the hottest trends of the moment. With a bit of imagination, it can be efficiently used to promote almost any type of product, from jewelry to beauty products, books, websites and blogs. Therefore, make sure you don’t miss this opportunity. Open accounts with the global ones (Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.) as well as with the local ones. Connect with as many people as possible, but do it in a wise way. Select your networking connections in accordance with your target readers’ set of features. Publish updates regularly and reply to the comments other members make on your posts.

2. Be active on forums

Whether your free travel guide has an electronic format (e-book or website) or you have built a blog just for marketing purposes of your hard cover travel book, forums are a great way of driving traffic towards your pages. Most of them require users to build a profile, where you can insert a backlink to your website. You can also make use of the custom signature box, which appears on the bottom of each comment you make on the respective forum.

3. Build an expert reputation for yourself

Since you have written a travel guide by yourself, you most certainly have an expertise in this area. Therefore, start acting like an expert and adopt this attitude whenever you interact with potential readers. However, make sure that what you provide is an expert’s advice and not some rephrased information taken from various sources.

4. Take advantage of events and holidays

The traveling industry has some peak moments every year – the summer period and winter holidays. Make sure you profit from them, but start your promotion a lot earlier as people usually plan such getaways a lot of time in advance. Moreover, if your free travel guide is online based, prepare special posts for these periods. In addition, you can also profit from various events such as carnivals, festivals or sports championships that are held in different locations. People traveling to a specific country to support their favorite football team will most probably take the time to do some sightseeing, too.

In a nutshell, if you want to promote your , you have to put yourself in the readers’ shoes, try to guess what they need and provide them with a way of satisfying their need before they have even realized they have it.

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